Maguire Financial Group is a proud partner of PartnersFinancial and Kestra Investment Services, LLC. Through these relationships, the professionals of Maguire Financial Group have access to a wide spectrum of products, services and support, all which produce expanded benefits for clients.


Maguire Financial Group has been a member of PartnersFinancial, a client-focused community of select, independent Life Insurance based firms, since 2007. In 1999, PartnersFinancial became an integral part of a newly formed company, National Financial Partners (NFP). This culture encourages sharing and innovation.

Founded in 1987, PartnersFinancial is dedicated to high standards and premiere client service. PartnersFinancial bridges the gap between financial product manufacturers and true independent financial advisors specializing in life insurance and wealth transfer, corporate and executive benefits, and financial planning and investment advisory, through a culture that encourages sharing and innovation.

While PartnersFinancial firms maintain their local independence, membership provides them:

  • PartnersFinancial links manufacturers and independent financial advisors through its national network, creating a connection that benefits everyone involved – members, their clients and manufacturers.
  • PartnersFinancial independent financial advisors have access to a wide spectrum of products, services and support, all resulting in the choice that clients deserve.
  • PartnersFinancial members have the added advantage of infrastructure and intellectual capital to help expand their competitive position and enhance their ability to better serve clients – all while preserving their entrepreneurial independence.

Kestra Investment Services, LLC

An independent broker/dealer, Kestra Investment Services, LLC provides advisors exclusive resources and concierge level support for securities related products.